Marietta River City BBQ - SCA Steak Competition

Date & Location

Date - Friday, April 24 2020

Location - Washington County Fairgrounds; Civitan Building

Friday Schedule, April 24, 2020

9am - 2pm               Team space assignment (Load-In)

2:00pm                     SCA Team Meeting (Jr fair building)

3:00pm - 5:30pm    SCA Judging Class (Jr fair building)

6:30pm                     SCA Judge Meeting (Civitan Building)

7:30pm  -  8:00pm  SCA  Steak Turn-In (Civitan Building)

9:00 pm                    SCA  Awards (Civitan Building)  

Team Information

* Grand Champion (1st place) must be SCA member to receive the golden ticket. The golden ticket represent an invite to SCA Steak Championship and an invite to World Food Championship. Teams pay their own way to these championships.

* Team fee $125 per team.  Your fee will go towards the awards & steaks.

* Each team will have 10x15 space if you are not competing in KCBS event that weekend. There will be NO electric and NO water @ each campsite space.

* Must have fire extinguisher at your space.

* Restrooms are available at the jr fair building.

* Each team will receive 2 choice ribeye steaks at the Team Meeting.

* Each team bring what you need to cook the ribeye steaks onsite.

* Please review SCA  rules. - 

* Team must register & pay on SCA  website. 

* For SCA Judges to judge at this event please go here to register 


Total prize purse $1600

1st Place - $700

2nd Place - $350

3rd Place -  $200

4th  Place  -  $150

5th  Place  -  $75

6th  -  10th  Place  -  $25

Team List

SCA Judging Class Friday 4/24/2020

General Information

Location - Washington County Fairgrounds


Events by Emmeline - Marietta, OH